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Creative Web Application Development

"observe — think — code — deliver"


core toolset

"The modern web browser is a universal container."

JavaScript • CSS3 • Canvas/SVG • HTML5
JSON • ajax • cURL • wss • API's
Linux • Apache • MySQL • ES/Solr • PHP

Cross Browser ¤ Cross Device


We are building web tools to CONNECT PEOPLE AND IDEAS using the common thread of time, specifically interactive timelines, to navigate multimedia resources such as podcasts, YouTubes, blogs, and more.

The podDVR VIZdex is only the FIRST deployment of our Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform, more sites are scheduled to roll out in various market segments and wearing different faces.

Twitter: @podDVR

Twitter: @podDVRstreams

content creators, owners, distributors, and promoters

THIS is a method to maximize your "return on content".

Utilizing our VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform, media of multiple types can be presented in a structured yet truly interactive fashion. No special downloads or app to install... just smart use of current and increasingly sophisticated browser technology.

For example, the box below is a LIVE dynamically-generated embed widget showing highlights of a podcast annotated on a different website:

legacy developers only

TWILIGHTED: no new sales; existing customer support only.

Get a nice head start on your project by deploying a vertical site using a low-cost, pre-written web app. Check out these proven internet programs (PHP scripts with typical LAMP stack install). This approach is an exceptional value IF you have certain skills necessary to set up a server application. We smile and look back... we have been offering "cloud applications" for more than a decade.

software as a service

Twilighted: no new sales; existing customer support only.

Small site owners or developers/resellers - try our easy online editor for quick updates to those plain old HTML pages; no contract, monthly SaaS. Some customers sign up, do a quick fix, and leave/cancel... others have been with us for years, and many of those are daily users. Nice solution for certain LEGACY situations.



As all our legacy customers know well, we ask that all customer support requests be conducted via to ensure consistency and proper tracking. These systems allow us to meet service level expectations. Links are always included in all service tickets and general email responses to ease this process.


Sorry, we do not accept general contract programming assignments.

BOLDfx now focuses on creative, web-oriented, equity-based opportunities revolving around VIZdex, our emerging core platform.
If you are a CONTENT CREATOR, CONTENT OWNER, or CONTENT DISTRIBUTOR and want to explore unique ways to achieve MORE with your valuable property, let's talk! We are open to relevant, strategic joint ventures utilizing our technology.


give back

In addition to primary business objectives, one special goal is to establish a formal .ORG project melding new web technology and the synchronological presentation of history segments using multimedia: audio, video, text, image, and data visualization. We will ultimately offer a free version of our TIMELINE PRESENTATION TOOL along with HISTORICAL DATASETS to provide an interactive public resource for examining history. Man was meant to take control of the timeline; this is a simple start.

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